Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Game Day

Game Day
Highway 99

If you haven't been there yet you need to go!

The whole bar has been remodeled and it's really nice. Happy Hour is until 7:00pm and the prices are awesome. Most items on menu are from $2.00 to $3.00, plus great daily specials. The Pizza is great!

Lot's of TV's and each booth has it's own TV, definately a great place to watch sports.

One of my favorite bars in town!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

We're Back!

The Bridge (new location)
1675 Franklin (accross from Matthew Knight Arena)
Eugene OR

Yes the Bar Bitches are back, its been awhile. So many new bars to check out, we got get to it!

We went to The Bridge's new location on Franklin Blvd. Same great food and great service. Can't wait to check out the patio this Spring.!

If you're going after work I suggest you carpool, the parking lot is small and there's no street parking.

They've done a really nice job on the remoldeling, but it still looks like a pancake diner.

We'll be back!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Mac's at the Vets Club

Mac's at the Vets Club
1626 Willamette St
Eugene OR
located in the Historic Vets Memorial Building

Wow have they cleaned this place up! Not the same Vets Club we used to go to when we were younger. Table cloths and good music!

Fun place and it was packed for a Thursday night. The music starts pretty early (around 6:30pm or 7:00pm) which was nice, but a little hard for seven women to talk. No cover.

Good bar snacks, and very clean bathrooms. Check out their Beer Tower, it was awesome with the green and yellow football.

The famous stair case has changed, where's the riding chair?

Great place to go to hear The Blues.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


A few of the Bar Bitches went to Portland! We didn't have enough time to go bar hopping (it was a work trip) but we did squeeze in one bar that was close to our hotel. We went to the Buffalo Gap on Macadam. Oh my.... this bar was there when I lived in Portland 30 years ago. Every age group and good mix of people. As always we had fun!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

The Bridge Bar and Grill

The Bridge Bar and Grill
444 E 3rd
Eugene OR

formally Peabodys...or for us old timers The Bavarian

Love this place....good food and service. It was very busy for a Thursday night.

Waitress's are young and beautiful, with low cut t-shirts. Makes you feel a little uncomfortable when you're sitting by yourself, waiting for everyone to get there.

great patio, and I love how the garage door opens up from the bar to the patio

the restroom is still very tiny, but it's re-modeled with new tile....nice and clean

We'll be back!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Agate Alley Bistro

Agate Alley Bistro
1461 E 19th
Eugene OR

Taco Tuesdays! What a cute place, love the decor and the patio was great. Since it's Summer we decided to go someplace on campus, (no students) but the place was packed. Great mix of people and Alex our server was good.

Another cheap night...two tacos and two beers, my bill including tip was $11.00. The taco's were OK, I think the Prarie Schooner tacos are the best.

The "either / or" bathrooms were clean, and had fun decor.

not sure what Didi is doing here, but we like to check out the bathrooms.

PBR tallboys for $2.25

The menu looked awesome, and with the place being so busy it must be good and a favorite for many. We'll be back!

Fun decor, and all sorts of lights everywhere.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Spare Room Pub

Happy Hour all day everyday, all through the Summer!

If you haven't tried the food, you're missing out. Here is a picture of 1/2 of my chicken sandwich, this is only half. I took the other half home, check out all the chicken. Real chicken not that pressed crap. Had this sandwich with sweet potato fries....very good!